Summer is finally here and with summer comes beautiful warm weather, vacation, grilling, chilling, family, friends and fun.  The great summer months are a time to embrace and enjoy all the hard work you put in at your job, helping others, and even the dedication you have had at your local health club.

So what is you plan this summer to maintain your fitness level that you worked so hard for?  Do you have summer fitness goals and/or have you spoken to your trainer or local health club about an exercise program to make sure you are fitting in all your exercises and strength training to keep you consistent with your fitness this summer?

We all have busy lives and things to do.  The important thing here is to make your exercise program and fitness a priority this summer.  You do not have to give up anything in order to keep up with exercises and fitness, you just need to plan better and be committed to your goals.  There are going to be numerous barbecues, parties, and sunny days to make you want to just skip your exercise program for the day.  You are going to have to focus, buckle down and keep going with your summer fitness plan.

Here is a great quote to remember during these summer months..... "I never regret it when I do, but I always regret it when I don't"

So, first step is to sit down with your trainer, workout buddy or partner, wife or friend and come up with your summer fitness plan full of exercises and a fitness plan to reach your goals.  Make the exercise program you come up with challenging but realistic.  Also, try to mix up the exercises you put in your workout program to make it fun.  Lastly, don't forget your strength training exercises, as it is essential for your overall summer fitness results.

If you have had progress in you health club you have been attending so far, use this for motivation and remember how hard you worked to get there.  Now get your butt to the gym and crush those exercises that are going to make you feel fantastic!  The party will still be there in an hour when you get done!

I am always here to help and welcome any comments below.

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