Large Group

Our personal fitness trainer lead classes combine high-intensity workout training, resistance training, cardio, flexibility and many other crazy and extreme challenges to get maximum results. All of this happens in a fun, intense and supportive team setting, mixed with sweat, music and a feeling of accomplishment. 

What's included in FUSE Group Training?

  • Carefully crafted workouts adjusted to your fitness level.
  • Skilled trainers at every workout motivating, correcting form, and educating you on proper workout techniques and exercises.
  • Free nutritional guidance.
  • Free 15 minute FUSE power meetings to discuss goals, take measurements, talk about nutrition, or address any issues.
  • Supportive, fun community that pushes and motivates you.
  • Unlimited monthly workouts.
  • Open gym to use our equipment and get your sweat on.
  • Monthly challenges, outside workouts & meet ups


Regardless of your fitness level, if you want to set challenging (but realistic) fitness goals and reach them, beat 'em, and set new ones... then you belong at this gym! 

Fresh & New Workouts - Every Month

You'll never get bored at Fitness Fusion! Workouts vary within a month, and fresh, new workouts come out monthly. The change of exercise keeps your muscles "guessing" which gets you fit better and faster