Who Do We Work With?

Our clients hail from Northampton, MA, Easthampton, MA and surrounding towns.

People often wonder if they are the "type" who would work with a personal trainer. The truth is, personal fitness training at Fitness Fusion is for anyone and everyone who wants or needs a solid exercise plan delivered by an expert trainer who really cares, who challenges you and with whom you can feel comfortable to give it your best (no matter what your "pain face" looks like).

We welcome all ages and all fitness levels!

We work with all sorts of folks including:

  • BABY BOOMERS who need a boost to regain fitness and physique from earlier years.
  • The "AVERAGE PERSON" of any age who wants accelerated results and accountability. 
  • HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE ATHLETES (whether they are in-season or off-season) who need specialized strength, agility, and coordination so they can hone their competitive edge. 
  • DIE-HARD "MASTER" ATHLETES of any age who want to stick with their sport or return to their sport. We're actively working with: Cyclists, equestrians, sprinter / hurdlers, and gymnasts among others. 

Reasons People Prefer One-One or Small Group Personal Fitness Training

True. Everyone has their own reasons. But some common motivations for personal fitness training that we often hear include:

  • "I have specialized training needs."
  • "I feel 'shy' about working out in a group setting."
  • "I want to accelerate getting fitness results." 
  • "I need coaching to challenge me and to make sure I'm doing exercises correctly so I don't get injured." 

Give us a call at  413-977-3938 or fill out our contact form and we'll call you. We're excited to help you reach your goals!


Different Clients, Unique Needs, Diverse Goals