Erik S., Northampton, MA

"I strongly believe that Brian's program and the congenial non-threatening environment of Fitness Fusion are a large piece of why I was able to overcome diabetes." Read Erik's Story >



Micki C. - Hatfield, MA

"With John's assistance and guidance, I believe I may finally have this weight thing in control..." Read Micki's Story >

Christine M., - Northampton, MA

"As a former collegiate athlete (track & field), fitness has always been an important part of my life." Read Christine's Story >


Michael H., Easthampton, MA

"I have always struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Diets and running machines are just not enough." Read Michael's Story > 


Cherry S., Easthampton, MA

"Not only is John creating a space for individuals to feel healthful, he has also created a space to build community." Read Cherry's Story > 

Susan L., Easthampton, MA

"I had been searching for a fitness program that would fit my lifestyle and finally found it with Fitness Fusion." Read Susan's Story >  

Other great fitness testimonials from personal training clients Around easthampton


After losing weight and hitting a plateau, I was looking for a way to step it up, keep me moving and to keep improving my body.  I was interested in strength training, which was foreign to me, and I was worried about hurting myself without the proper guidance.  


I started researching gyms and personal trainers and ended up deciding on making contact with Fitness Fusion and I sent off an email.  Brian Lepine got in touch with me within 24 hours.

Brian had me come in, talked with me, gave me a tour and invited me back the next day for a personal assessment.  He was accommodating with my schedule, and since I don’t live close by, that was extremely important to me.


After going back for my assessment and talking with Brian, I decided to give it a try and signed up for eight sessions.  Brian’s guidance, training, knowledge and more importantly his encouragement, along with the friendly atmosphere at Fitness Fusion, encouraged me to continue on.


With his assistance and guidance I have noticed improvements with my body.  I lost more weight, took inches off, gained muscle and received the knowledge to safely work with weights without injuring myself.


One of the best decisions I have made was going to Fitness Fusion and working with Brian!


Cheryl Thouin




About 4 years ago, we made a decision to invest in ourselves and start to get healthier.  To start the process, we joined Fitness Fusion and we couldn't be happier with the results.  During that time we've achieved personal goals that we never thought possible.  


The trainers at Fitness Fusion, Brian and Marlene, are knowledgeable, motivational and continuously challenge us and the rest of the Fitness Fusion community to push our personal boundaries to new heights all while tailoring workouts and exercises to meet individual's needs and limitations.


Workouts are tough but our trainers always strive to pack them full of variety and make them fun as well. We've seen some amazing results not only for ourselves but for many other members of the Fitness Fusion community.  Yes, we look at Fitness Fusion as a community, members supporting members, not as a gym.  Over the years, we've enjoyed witnessing many members become leaner, more toned and much healthier than when they walked in the door.  You can't help but be motivated by their success.


We are two of Brian's older clients, in our 60's, and our goal is to maintain strength, flexibility and balance as we age.  Strength training was a priority for us and Brian has done a remarkable job at getting us to lift with the proper technique to avoid injury while progressively increasing our lifting capacity.  He has done this using a structured training program combined with ongoing nutritional coaching.  We both feel amazing and enjoy great health.  In our eyes, Brian is a major part of that.


If you are serious about changing your life for the better, join the Fitness Fusion community and give yourself the gift of health.  The gift that keeps on giving.  We did!!!!

Frank & Debra Ansinitis



I have lost over 65 lbs and so many clothing sizes.  I am incredibly happy with my progress!  


I am doing awesome.... but I know without the guidance of the right person, I would have stopped a long time ago and been frustrated.  I give credit where credit is due.... I have accomplished so much with the help of Brian Lepine, personal trainer extraordianaire.  He has changed my life in so many ways!  


Brian's approach has been to ensure his client's complete health and wellness starting with his first step of finding out what you want from your health and wellness journey.  Simple step, but I never put it in writing and had someone keep me focused on the goals.  After that he focuses you each week with one new step such as more water, more cardio and track those calories.  Brian always keeps the workouts new and improved with the next level of exercises and how to do them properly and safely.   The best part of having a trainer is he finds your weak spots and helps you correct them, even something as simple as balancing on one foot while moving a 6 lb ball.  


What makes him the trainer for me is that I am never bored with the workouts and he holds me accountable to get to my goals.  I work out with Brian 3 times a week for 10 months.  By now I can work out by myself because Brian has given me all the tools.  I do work out on my own but I completely enjoy the  new challenges he gives me each week.  I  love leaving thoroughly tired from an awesome workout and feeling strong!       


I tell everyone who is behind my success because having the right coach in your corner makes all the difference.  Brian Lepine is a great personal trainer and I highly recommend him!  


Gloria York




I trained with Brian 1:1 for about 3 months.  Previous to meeting Brian I was working out at home  and plugging along on my health journey when I reached a plateau I just couldn't break. Brian came highly recommended and I can see why. He not only

had me breaking my plateau within just a couple of weeks but he had me doing things I didn't know my body was physically capable of.  Brian listened to my wants and needs and specifically tailored my workouts. He worked with me and helped me work towards my goals. The training was dynamic as well as interesting. He was always changing things up which took the tediousness out of the workouts. The results I got in such a short period of time were nothing short of amazing. I have gained a lot of cardio capacity and endurance along with core strength I didn't even know I could have. I am finally saw definition in my arms and shoulders that were never evident before. I was able to drop 2 pant sizes too!!!  Along with his vast knowledge for health and fitness Brian is very professional but yet down to earth and easy to get along with. I absolutely would recommend him!"

Jenn Ouimette



I started personal training with Brian in 2014 to supplement my treadmill workouts.  I honestly thought I was in pretty good shape going into personal training.   I also thought I was well versed on how to eat well and what to eat, as I have always been very careful with my eating habits.  Brian taught me quickly that there is so much more to good health and fitness.  He discussed with me when carbs and protein are appropriate to eat and how they relate to overall fitness and weight loss.  He designed a fitness program that fits my needs – modifying it on the fly if necessary to accommodate my energy level.  My plan going into training was to do eighteen sessions to learn what I needed to do on my own.  I have achieved goals that I never would have thought possible before personal training.  Honestly, the training I’ve received from him is worth far more than money I have spent elsewhere.  I plan on always having personal training as part of my fitness routine.  The best decision I ever made for my health and fitness was the day I started training with Brian at Fitness Fusion.  


Judi Bishop



I began working with Brian in November 2014 and working with him has exceeded every expectation. Adhering to his dietary nutritional advice, personal fitness training techniques along with his positive motivation, I’ve totally transformed my body and overall health. Brian’s strategy has guided me in drastically reducing body fat percentage while increasing muscle mass, along with increasing my cardio capacity and physical stamina to that of a much younger person. Brian consistently demonstrates his extensive knowledge along with positive motivation, these were essential elements in helping me stay constantly engaged. I’ve exercised for most of my life and have never seen results like this. Having Brian as my personal Coach is the best investment I’ve ever made in me.

Peter Cabaniol



I began training with Brian Lepine because I was experiencing knee pain.  I had knee surgery this past summer, and was hoping that I would be pain free after the procedure.  Although it was marginally better, my legs were still weak and I was unable to exercise consistently.  I immediately knew Fitness Fusion and Brian was a great fit.  The training program he put me on was both challenging and beneficial.  My knee pain was gone, not better, but gone.  I felt myself getting stronger and my physical appearance changing as well.  I looked forward to our sessions and was able it stick with the program, which in the past had been difficult for me.  I extended my sessions because I was so pleased with my progress and results.  Not only does Brian work on the exercise side of health and fitness, but also helps you with the nutritional side.  The weekly challenges and diary assignments were not only motivating, but informative as well.  I found myself eating better and making positive changes such as eating balanced calories from carbs, proteins and fats; as well as being mindful of portion sizes.  I even bought (and use) a food scale.  Something I never have done even when I was on Weight Watchers!  I had such a great experience working  1 on 1 with Brian, I became a member of Fitness Fusion and attend classes to continue my strength training and cardio regiment.  I highly recommend Brian Lepine as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Fusion as a place you can achieve goals because you are inspired through encouragement, instruction and being seen as an individual.    

Shelby Marowitz



Over the past few months I've spent quite a bit of time working out at Fitness Fusion, and I can't say enough good things about it!


If you're looking to improve your overall health and fitness, look no further and take advantage of the free one week trial that Fitness Fusion offers! I guarantee you'll be back for more!


If you're anything like me, the thought alone of taking your first step into the gym may be intimidating, but I promise once you do, you won't regret it! It's the best thing I've ever done for myself!


If you're excuse is "I'm not in good enough shape" then my answer to you is this:

#1 all the more reason to take the first step and show up! And #2 there are two different classes at Fitness Fusion - small group and large group. Ideally small group is where you would want to start out and eventually work your way up to large group, where the workouts are a bit more challenging.


Now I'll be the first to admit that as a beginner, even the small group workouts were no joke! My first few classes were brutal, but the trainers are very knowledgable and all moves can be modified to suit your current abilities.


Often times I've been asked "does this get any easier?" The truthful answer to this is that consistency is key - and the workouts don't get any easier ... You just get stronger and more capable!


The group classes are made up of both cardio and strength training exercises, so you're really getting the best of both worlds during your workouts!


Another thing I can't say enough about when it comes to Fitness Fusion, is its members! Everyone at Fitness Fusion is so welcoming and supportive that it's really more like a family, and truly makes working out more enjoyable!


In addition to group classes, Fitness Fusion also offers personal training sessions. These are sessions that are tailored specifically for you as an individual to help you meet your personal goals. I've had several personal training sessions with Brian, and I can't even begin to tell you how far I've come and how much more I'm now capable of after only 3 short months.


I am forever grateful for my cousin, Gloria, for introducing me to the Fitness Fusion family, and I now can't imagine my life without it!


I love the trainers, I love the members, I love the feeling of belonging to such an incredible work out community, and I LOVE the feeling I get after completing each and every workout - a feeling of total satisfaction and accomplishment!


 Come check it out - you won't be sorry!!


                   "1-2-3 Get Fused!"

~ Amber Barlow



It has been wonderful working with Brian helping me to get into shape and be healthier. I am a person who needs that extra push to keep exercising and he has always been supportive and encouraging me to do my best. He has never made me feel like a failure if I didn't follow through with something. Always has a suggestion as to how I could help myself do better next time. My teenage son has also worked with Brain and he was always so patient with my son, whom I think enjoyed the conversation more than the workout.

Patty Lent