Member / Personal Fitness Training Client


I have been receiving personal training services from John Glynn, owner/trainer at Fitness Fusion for approximately 1 month. I have been searching for a fitness program that would fit my lifestyle and have finally found it with Fitness Fusion. A gym is a gym but it is the staff and the available programs and workouts that make a difference and that is what I am getting with John at Fitness Fusion.

His knowledge and one-on-one attention to making sure that you are not only getting a good work out but that you are doing it right. John has a motivating personality. He is very serious about his profession and the success of his business which gave me a comfort level to invest in becoming a member.

I have been a member since July, 2012. I first started with foundation classes, learning the proper technique for exercising to help to avoid injury. I now go to the gym 3x per week for two boot camp group classes and one one-on-one class.

I can find every excuse in the book not to exercise . . . I have now run out of excuses. John puts together a variety of monthly workouts and changes them each month. This keeps my interest peaked and gives me the overall workout I have been looking for. Whether I am in a group class or one-on-one, John shows the same attention to all in the class. He knows how to motivate you to workout to the max you can. His constant presence ensures that I am doing it right. Beyond the classes, John shares his knowledge in the fitness industry through a weekly blog and bi-monthly enewsletter. Both offer great insight on a full fitness routine including nutrition tips, exercises, and post workout stretching. It ‘s a total package!

John’s approach to working out is not with a lot of hi-tech equipment. It’s basic equipment and good fundamental exercises. I like this because if for some reason I can’t make a boot camp, I can still do the work out on my own. The name “boot camp” intimidated me at first. John only pushes me to my ability but he will also always encourage me to do more. If I can’t do a certain exercise he finds a way to modify it to not give up. And it’s always about doing each exercise right! I am amazed at my improvement in my workout and am certainly pleased with the results I am starting to see!