You mean it has been a whole month and you haven't seen gains yet in your strength training and workout routines? Am I doing something wrong? The answer here is probably or the personal trainer you hired are not doing anything wrong.  Yes, you should start to see changes in your body within a months time of training but not significant gains in muscle size.  Losing weight, sure you can lose 12-15lbs. in a month but I am not talking about that.  I am talking about a well designed strength training program along with safe workout routines to eliminate potential injuries and keep you on the path to success in your strength training.

The first month of your strength training program you are not even breaking the ice.  LISTEN up here....If you want to see gains you need to commit to at least 12 months of solid training, dedication, and consistency.  If you are not willing to do this then don't expect  to see great results.  In fact, only expect to see some results, if any.

You see we have been fooled by marketers and the media on so many levels that people expect to see results so fast.  Even the P90X workout has a 3 month program in order to get results, it's not 1 month.  Also, as great of a program as the P90X workout is, people need to do 3 or 4 rounds or combine it with other strength training and workout routines in order to get those magical results you see on TV.  Furthermore, the P90X workout has a really good nutrition plan you must follow in order for you to get results and change your body.  Bottom line....if you have got results from the P90X workout, you bet your butt you earned every bit of it.  It's a tough program and you worked really hard.  What about Crossfit? Do you think those guys and gals you see on TV got those results in a month, 3 months, a year?  The majority of Crossfitters are former/current athletes or have trained for years and years in order to get the muscles and athletic abilities that they have. But people see Crossfit on TV and now they think they can go out, train a couple times a week and see the results they see. These athletes work their ASS off in order to get the results they do.  They are 110% committed to their workouts, nutrition, and their workout routines have become a part of them.

If you are looking to gain muscle, bulk up and get a well defined body in a safe strength training program you need to understand it is not easy.  Workout routines are a dime a dozen and there are 100's of ways to gain muscle and 100's of programs to follow.   However, one thing stays true......DEDICATION.  If you are not willing to commit the time, follow some type of strict nutrition regimen for your workouts, work hard, and above all, be patient, you are not ready and should not have unrealistic expectations.  This just sets yourself up for discouraging results that eventually leave you fading away from your workouts all together.

I always like to educate, motivate or help in any way I can.  Leave a comment below and let's get it done!