Fitness centers all around the Western Mass area are now offering p90x workouts. The very popular program known as p90X has grown so much that the company behind them, Beachbody, has now started a certification for anyone to become p90x certified.  Now gyms in the Northampton and the surrounding towns like Easthampton can offer p90x workouts by certified p90x trainers in order to get their members into great shape. Fitness Fusion in Easthampton, Ma has also had the opportunity to add this class to their schedule and has chosen to do it in another creative and results oriented way.  They incorporate a lot of the same moves like pull ups, push ups, dumbbells, and weight training in the boot camps that they offer on a weekly basis.  Furthermore, by joining the boot camps offered in Easthampton, Ma you will also receive special attention from a certified personal trainer in a small group setting and benefit from recording exercises in your workout journal to discuss and review with your personal trainer.  In addition, the small community at our fitness center offers personalized attention, added motivation, nutritional guidance, friends and fun.

We like to incorporate many of the moves of p90x into our boot camps.  One of the staple exercises here at Fitness Fusion are pull ups and push ups that we do in different variations.  We also use proper form with our weight training in order to make sure all our members are safe while performing dumbbell exercises.  We throw in added moves with tires, ropes, sandbags, bodyweight, speed drills, and the TRX suspension trainer to mix it up and keep it REAL!

We feel that although the p90x workout is a fantastic program, it is meant to be done the way the program is designed.  By mixing up the exercises in a large group setting at a big box fitness center, we feel that the program does not reach it's full potential.  By incorporating it into boot camps we feel we have the best of both worlds.  We can implement some of the great moves of p90X while designing a program that makes more sense for our members and prospective clients.

We are very eager to work with all individuals at our fitness center in Western Mass and encourage all levels to attend our boot camps and try some of the p90x moves.  The owner and head trainer, John Glynn is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and also a P90X certified trainer.  He has extensive knowledge in boot camp exercises and the p90X workout program.