I recently had a discussion with some clients on personal trainers who aren't necessarily in terrible shape but could afford  to lose a bit of weight.  Why is this?  It has always been an issue that I have wondered about and constantly pay attention to.  I mean, isn't it fair enough to say that if you are training someone to get in shape, you should have the knowledge and discipline to do it yourself? So my questions is this.  "Would you hire a personal trainer that did not look the way that you wanted to look?"

Here's my take.....if you are a personal trainer then you should understand the dedication and commitment it takes to look good and be in great shape.  If you don't, how are you going to preach what you DON'T practice.   I saw a trainer in L.A. fitness drinking a Coca Cola after a session a while back and I remember asking myself......Huh?  Would you trust a dentist that had disgusting teeth and bad breath or a financial advisor that just went through bankruptcy?  What about doctors and nurses that smoke?  Seriously!....., they know it kills them.

Many skill sets go into being a personal trainer but the biggest one for me is experience and being able to "walk the walk".  If you don't eat healthy and workout on a regular basis, how the heck are you supposed to get your clients to?  Remember, in order to lose weight and stay healthy you need a strong mentality and that is a trait that I believe ALL personal trainers should have.

What about personal trainers who are not in good shape but have a great education and background.  Education is important to me but when it comes down to it, what matters more? Experience and a “practicing what you preach” mentality or education?

I’m just sayin’, if I had to get an emergency operation and my only 2 options were the guy with the education or the guy with the experience, I’d take the guy with the experience.

So, what do you think?  Comment below and let me know.....