Bootcamps are so well know these days all over the place.  You can find them at your local gym or many parks during the summer months.  The big question here is are they good quality bootcamps that will help you gain muscle and keep you progressing?  Sure, if you jump around to a fitness instructor at your fitness center you are going to lose a few pounds but are you really making the gains necessary to put you where you want to be 3-6 months down the road? There are 3 exercises that every bootcamp should include in their workouts in order achieve maximum results for their clients. These are dumbbells exercises, push ups and pull ups.  If you are not doing these 3 core moves during your workouts, you are missing massive gains.  Dumbbell exercises are awesome.  There are so many and you can tone up your body in a major way by utilizing some basic exercises such as the curl, tricep kickback, or press.  Furthermore, there are so many variations that you can mix up into your bootcamp to make it fun and keep clients engaged.  Pull ups are another great exercise to focus on the back and chin ups for the biceps.  These 2 exercises will get you results quick and there are ways to modify by using bands to put your feet in or resistance bands for a row variation exercise if someone is not physically able to get up on a pull up bar.  Last but not least there is the push up.  I love these.  Incline, decline, wide, narrow, military, diamond, dive bombs....just to name a few...get the point.  You can hit your shoulders, chest and triceps all in one exercise, not to mention the CORE.  Mix them up and you get a great formula for success.

I keep all 3 of these bootcamp exercises in my camps every month.  I believe they are essential to gain muscle, get stronger and in turn burn more calories.  People see immediate gains by introducing these exercises.

But pull ups, push ups and dumbbells aren't the only thing to throw into your bootcamp.  Don't forget your core exercises, sandbags, medicine balls, sliders, planks, burpees, body weight exercises, TRX, tires, RIP trainer, cardio circuits, plyometric exercises, and contests.  Put all these into play to make a nice mixed up bootcamp that keeps people interested and not bored with the same old standard routines.

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