Compliment Your Gym Workout By Engaging In Outdoor Activities Around Northampton, Ma This Summer.


Finally!  The weather has turned and we can now officially say that it is time to head outdoors and spend some good quality time enjoying the beautiful flowers blooming and our surroundings around the great city of Northampton, Ma.  Along with your current fitness workout routine at the gym, complimenting a nice outdoor activity can yield some nice results and keep you fit for the summer.  Here are some things to check out this spring and summer around the Northampton, Ma area.  

Trails Around Northampton, Ma. For Running, Biking Or Hiking

There are several hiking trails around the area.  A couple of the popular ones include Norwottuck Trail.  The Norwottuck Rail Trail is a 9.5 mile combination bicycle/pedestrian paved right of way running from Northampton, Massachusetts through Hadley and Amherst, to Belchertown, Massachusetts that opened in 1992.   You can find some information here as well as a trail map at this link.  Look  Park in Northampton offers a wide range of activities that you could do either by yourself or with the family.  See a list of activities to do here.  Fitzgeral Lake Recreational area is a good place to visit with many outdoor activities including hiking, canoeing, and fishing.  You can visit an informational page here  and you can look at the trial map along with other information located at this link.  Skinner State Park in Amherst, Ma is also a great place to hike especially if you want some challenging trails.  Located on more than 400 acres, there are 20 picnic sites on the grounds, many with fine views and charcoal grills.  For information on Skinnner State Park, you can click here

Track Workouts Near Northampton, Ma

Looking for a quick track workout in the area?  You can visit 3 tracks that are usually open to the public.  The outdoor track at Smith College in Northampton, Ma is a great place to run along with the cross country trails that can be accessed right off of the track.  The trails offer 5K races and are a great leisurely run or walk on a nice day.   The track at Smith College is being redone this spring so check the availability before heading down there.  Smith also has an indoor track as well.  My guess is that you may need to contract someone to use the track at certain hours but it is open to the public as well.   The Williston Northampton School in Easthampton offers a track as well.  You may want to check in on the availability of the track by calling the Williston athletic facilities at (413) 529-3247.  Lastly, Northampton High School has a track that you can use for some workouts.  

General Outdoor Activities In & Around Northampton, Ma

Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club ( SMAC) has some great events, workouts, 5K race series and activities going on that you may be interested in checking out.  Throughout the spring and summer, many personal trainers in the Northampton, Ma area will hold boot camps at local parks.  They are usually reasonably priced and a good 1/2 hour workout.  Fitness Fusion in Easthampton offers a hospital hill workout in Northampton, Ma that incorporates cardio, bodyweight and medicine ball exercises for a great conditioning workout.  You can search google or Facebook for some personal trainers who may be offering boot camp style outdoor workouts.  Have a disability or know someone who does?  There is a great website called alloutadventure that offer a wide range of activities for people of ALL abilities.  Check the website out here

I hope you enjoyed and utilize some of the great suggestions to get outdoors and workout this summer.  Working out and fitness in general can be really fun and rewarding, can build confidence, and ultimately and most importantly, help you live a healthy happy life.  See you around the Northampton, Ma area and enjoy getting exercise outdoors!