Living in the Northampton, Ma Area?  Here is a workout for your Memorial Day Weekend

If you are like myself, then you are very excited about the time off this coming weekend to celebrate Memorial Day.  Let's hope for some good weather around the Northampton, Ma area over the weekend so we can have some fun with family and friends.  However,  to make sure you are reaching your fitness goals over the weekend, here is a great workout to help you off set those burger and beers!  If you are a Fitness Fusion Easthampton member, this may bring back some sweaty memories.  But..... do you remember how good it felt when you were done?  Don't skip your workout, set aside 30-45 minutes before you head out to your barbecue and you will be glad you did.  All this workout requires is your own bodyweight for the exercises along with some determination and hard work.  Be safe and enjoy! 

Workout : The 10 X 10 FUSE

  • Beginners do 5-6 rounds.  Advanced do all 10 rounds. Rounds 6-10 is when it picks up in difficulty
  • Start with round 1 and do 1 rep, 10 reps or 10 seconds( whatever the particular exercise calls for)
  • Round 2 you would do 2 reps, 20 reps or 20 seconds.  Follow this formula up to round 10
  • At round 10 you will be up to 10X more workload than round 1
  • Take a break between rounds as indicated
  • Just use the chart if you are not clear on the instructions

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