Have you been working out for 6 months or more?  Have you got results that you are happy with but just don't feel like you have got much further in the last month or two?  Do you feel stronger but your body doesn't look any different?  These are all great questions to be asking yourself and you deserve an answer. 

So many people feel that their workouts are what is going to get them to the next level, which indeed is true.  However, I can tell from experience within myself and training 100's of clients that program design does not hold a candle to nutrition.  In other words, it doesn't matter how good your program design is.  If it is not being followed up with a good solid nutrition plan full of protein, good carbs and good fats then eventually, you are hitting a wall that is going to be hard to climb over.  

I talk to so many people that jump from one workout program to the next, thinking that the next program is the magic formula.  There are so many good workout programs out there and most of them work.  The key to success with them is following up with a good nutrition plan to complement it.  

A few pointers to think about with your nutrition that I come across with clients.  If any of these questions or pointers sound like you than reach out to your trainer and tackle these issues head on instead of wondering or assuming you are doing the right or wrong things.

1.  Do you "think" you eat right?  How do you know?  What are you eating, how much are you eating, what macronutrient percentages are you having, and when are you eating.  These are all key questions that you should have the answers for.  

2.  Are you eating enough?  Many people think the answer is eating less.  I mean, it makes sense, right?  Eat less and lose more weight.  The problem here is that you body needs specific nutrients in order for every day functions to take place so by not eating enough food to support this, you may in fact be having the opposite effects on your body.  A good example is people eating less than 1,500 calories on a workout day.  For 90% of people, this is too low.  

3.  I ate pretty healthy this week.....minus the cheat weekend and going out with friends on Thursday night.  Of course we like to go out, have fun and put back a few drinks or some yummy appetizers.  This is completely normal and if you enjoy doing this then you should.  However, you must do it in moderation and plan accordingly.  How about taking a run before you go out?  This would offset some of the calories and kickstart your metabolism.  The bottom line here is this.  If you are trying to lose weight and want top notch results, something has to give.  So, decide what is more important, that extra couple french fries or vodka drinks or a well defined body that you are proud of.  I can tell you this, you can't have both.  However, that still doesn't mean you can't have fun, go out with friends and still be dedicated to your fitness results.  You just need a little more planning and discipline.  Find the balance and don't set unrealistic expectations for fitness if you always find yourself engaging in this behavior, you will find yourself disappointed with the inconsistency in your diet and results.  

4.  I am too busy.  Yup!  I hear ya  and so doesn't everyone else.  Being too busy comes down to 2 things and I apologize for being harsh here.  Number one, you are either bad at planning and/or time management OR number two, you are not taking action and making excuses.  Everyone is busy, period.  Life is busy.  If you are serious about results in the gym you need to make time to shop for groceries, prepare meals, and eat a well balanced diet.  This does not need to consume your life.  In fact, it can make it easier.  A well planned week can take a lot of stress away from your morning routine of getting to work on time.  All it takes is about an hour to shop and then whatever time it takes you to prepare your food.  Some may do this once a week, twice a week or maybe every night.  It all depends what works for you.  Bottom line is that it does not need to be difficult, it can actually help you!  

Nutrition is the key to that sculpted body you want.  If you feel you are not getting the results you want, something is missing.  Don't let weeks, months or even a year go by without trying to find out the problem.  Most of the time it is easily solved by just tweaking a few things.  Put in the extra effort  and reach out if you are serious about your fitness, it will go a long way and keep you from getting frustrated or sidetracked.