Check out these myths about nutrition by a colleague of mine, Craig Fear.  He is a nutritional therapist and has some great knowledge in the field.  The following below has been copied and pasted and all the credit here goes to his writing.  Below is a summary of the myths.  To receive the full series on the 4 myths, please visit Craig on either Facebook and/or sign up for his newsletter

Myths #1 and #2 - Low fat and low cholesterol diets are healthy.  The two biggest nutrition myths out far!  Fat is an essential nutrient and most Americans don’t eat the right types of fat.  The #1 culprit in our diet is sugar and excess sugar will lead to both weight gain and elevated cholesterol.  Reduce sugar by increasing healthy fats, protein and low glycemic carbohydrates such as green, leafy vegetables and you’ll be on your way to greatly increasing your overall health.

Myth #3 - Calorie counting is a good way to be healthy.  Myth!  Calories tell you nothing about nutrient density and and thus food quality.  You may lose weight on  a calorie restricted diet but that doesn’t mean you’re eating well for long term health.

Myth #4 - Whole grains are always healthy.  Myth!  Many whole grains contain gluten a very difficult protein to digest and all whole grains contain anti-nutrients that can impair digestion and absorption.  With careful soaking, sprouting or fermenting, whole grains can be a healthy and nourishing food.  However, many chronic conditions are best served with a long term protocol that removes grains.

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