Growing up these days can be difficult for children because of the levels of competition that exist in today's environment.  It does not matter whether you feel that winning is important or not but what is important is preparing your children to have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to do well.  Just like everyone wants their children to grow up smart and do well in school, the same applies for wanting your child to succeed in sports, acting, dance, art or whatever passion they may have.  Maybe you want your child do do well to grow up and build confidence, maybe you want them to do well to just have fun, or maybe you are a competitive and ambitious person who is thinking way ahead to that college scholarship for your child. Youth Sports Fitness Training is a very important part of your child's development, both physically and mentally and at Fitness Fusion in Easthampton, Ma we make sure your child is prepared to do well and has the necessary skills and strength to improve in whatever sport or sports they choose to play.  Did you know that children have periods of development where they are more susceptible to certain types of training. This is why it is crucial that you not miss these early years of training.  Skills included in this critical period include speed, absolute strength, explosion, strength endurance, anaerobic, and flexibility.

Fitness Fusion is proud to be a part of helping kids not only develop their athletic skills at a young age but prepare them mentally for the road ahead.  We are a proud partner of an organization called SKA( superkidsathletics) where we focus on youth and developing young children into athletes that go on to do well in high school with the goal of having them play all the way into college if that is what they so desire.

What your kid will learn…

  • Dynamic and Static Stretching
  • Speed, agility, balance, explosion and coordination workouts
  • Recommended total number of repetitions for common sports skills broken down by repetitions per workout.
  • General no-weight workout training
  • weight training( if applicable)
  • Discipline and encouragement
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