Quick Tip Post Here.....I wanted to talk quickly about doing shoulder workouts and bring to your attention if you are a newbie to weightlifting to be careful with your shoulders when lifting. The shoulder is very tender and also very unstable.  Furthermore, with an injury, it can really affect a majority of your workouts that you will do and put you on the reserve for many weeks.  The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and easily dislocated and prone to injury due to the fact that it is very unstable.  When doing any type of shoulder workout, make sure you are progressing with your weights in the right manner.  Also, for any exercises which involve raising your shoulders either in the front, to the side or any combination...be very careful. I always start off by doing anywhere from 15-20 reps for anyone new, making sure the form is correct and the weight is not too heavy.  You are not going to get big in one day, so for those who feel it is necessary to lift heavier b/c they missed a day or feel the need to catch up, think again.  Lifting a heavier weight than capable will land you on the reserve and ruin your progress all together.  Be smart and very aware when picking weight and exercises for your shoulders.