Being a personal trainer I am obviously very in tune to all the gyms and health clubs that are popping up everywhere. It seems like every day there is a new and exciting 24 hours fitness center. The 2 popular ones now are Snap Fitness in Easthampton and Holyoke and also Anytime Fitness in Westfield and Agawam. Both gyms provide minimal but the necessary exercise equipment to get the job done. Along with the 24 fitness centers are also the big box gyms that have been around for a long time like Golds Gym in West Springfield and Chicopee and Planet Fitness in Westfield and West Springfield. Then there are gyms like Fitness Fusion in Easthampton that provide a very personalized approach that include functional movements and exercises that you can utilize at home and with minimal equipment. Now the point of this wrticle is not to bash these gyms and say I am the best...blah blah blah. It is simply to provide you with information in order to assess what you need and want in your fitness routine. I truly believe that there is a need for everyone and based on different wants, needs, and fitness levels there are options for everyone.

Let's take the 24 hours fitness centers like Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness. The main thing here that is great about these gyms is the locations nationwide and being open 24 hours. The ideal person for one of these gyms, in my opinion is one who travels for work. If you are looking for personal attention you are probably not going to find it here unless you pay for an overpriced 1-1 personal trainer. As for the equipment, it is usually nice and well kept up. If you have decent knowledge with exercises and are motivated, this may be a good option for you. Prices are usually high and I think you can get much better value at a big box gym that offers more to you as a consumer.

Big box gyms like planet fitness and golds gym offer more options for consumers in terms of what you get in a membership. They may have basketball courts, a pool, sauna, fitness aerobic classes, lots of exercise equipment and free weights, and many pieces of cardio equipment. Again, if you are self motivated and have good knowledge on how to structure an exercise routine, than the big box gym is a good option for you. Again, personal trainers are overpriced and the majority work part time and don't offer enough value.

Small studio's seem to be popping up everywhere too. From personal training studios that offer fitness classes and personal training to crossfit gyms, there are so many options. The biggest advantage to a small studio is the personalized attention you should get there. If you are not getting a GREAT VALUE being at a small studio and don't feel you get that personalized attention and community feel then you are better off at a big box gym. I center my studio around personalized attention and a supportive community. That is what you get from me. I don't have or need fancy equipment. I believe fitness should be fun, people should motivate people, and the trainer then gives that added value and expertise to bring out the best in clients to produce results. Small studios should give the best support and value when it comes to exercises, nutrition, and motivation. That is the huge advantage we have over the other gyms.