Love that saying!  So things are tough these days, right?  Of course they just ain't easy sometimes, how is that for some english?  But you just got to LOOK UP, GET UP, & DON'T EVER GIVE UP! If you want something then you are going to have to work for it.  Have you ever tried real hard, I mean like real hard and just came up short? a promotion at work maybe?  How many people out there thought they got SCREWED at some point in  their life from a boss that just didn't give them the promotion they SOOOO deserved.  You showed up every day, worked your butt off, did everything right and after 2 years did not get that promotion that came up.  Yup, that sucks but think to yourself...what could you have done better?  Did you do everything in your power to do the best you possibly could?  Did you put blame on others for getting in your way or did you take responsibility that maybe you could have done something a little different to do something just a little better and make a positive change. Maybe you deserved it and maybe you didn't but you got to get over it.  Bottom line here is this...if you want something then go FREAKIN get it.  Did your boss that took away that promotion take away your intelligence too? How about your experiences?  Your determination?( maybe for a moment)... but did you grab it back and keep going? There are so many examples in life just like this one that come UP everyday....the question is, are you going to let them bring you DOWN?

Life is challenging and is always going to be this way.  Life is also really awesome too though, think about really is pretty awesome.  If you want something to change then you are going to have to work really hard and sacrifice some things along the way. Things take time.  Making a relationship work takes time, getting a promotion takes time, developing a product takes time, running a business takes time, raising kids takes time.  Do you see the big picture here. Nothing is easy....period.  I don't care if you are rich, poor, ugly or beautiful, black or white.  Everyone has there own set of issues or problems that they need to deal with.  We live in a society that we expect things to be easy or handed to us.  Let me tell you this is just not how it works.  People get places b/c they earn it.  They have been through a whole bunch of problems and failures in order to get where they are.  We have all got knocked down, some harder than others and some more or less but we all get knocked down.  The question is, did you get up? 

The main point I am trying to make clear here is that when you want to accomplish something, know that is going to take effort, determination, and courage to get there....depending on the goal.  Know that you are going to hit some bumps in the road and have tough times.  Expect it and welcome the challenge!  I am a firm believer that without the bad times we would not appreciate the good ones.  When faced with a roadblock in the near future no matter how big or how small, remember to LOOK UP, GET UP & DON'T EVER GIVE UP.  Once you have this mentality and are filled with determination and will get to where you are going.