It is one thing to imagine a goal, or a place you want to be in life, or a job you want to have, or a dream vacation, or a business you’d like to start, or an ideal physique and healthy lifestyle, or any ideal future scenario for that matter… but it is another story altogether on whether or not you will actually get there. Today I am here to tell you about the MOST important step in achieving whatever it is you desire…

You must get over your fear of failure

Fear of failure is literally what stops almost everyone from doing the things in life that they really WANT to do! People get so caught up in the fear of failure that it prevents them from pursuing success.

For the sake of the argument we’ll take a look at a couple different “ideals,” or things that people would want, and we’ll show how the fear of failure may hold them back from achieving those ideals.

Land a Dream Job - Most people get so complacent in their work place, and they feel a sense of security because they are receiving their paychecks (even though they may be living paycheck to paycheck!). Research has shown that somewhere in the ballpark of 75-85% of Americans hate or dislike their jobs. Then why do they stay? Why not pursue something you might love? Well, the fear of failure of course! Here the fear of failure would be being unable to land or a new job, or be successful at it…. Even though it may make them much happier in the long run! Even if you were to take a slight pay cut, isn’t that worth being happy in the place where you spend over 50% of your time every day? In my humble opinion, no amount of money is worth you being miserable!

Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle or Ideal Physique - As a gym owner I have heard many reasons as to why people do not get started with a health and fitness routine. EVERYONE knows exercise is beneficial, but why doesn’t everyone exercise?! Again it will boil down to fear of failure, “I’ve tried before and failed so I don’t want to try again.” “What if I don’t make any progress?” “What if people make fun of me?” “What if I don’t achieve my goals?” A lot of times people will cite a lack or time or finances to be the main reason, but I know this is not always the case because people will make time to do something they consider to be important, and they will be willing to pay for the things they find value in.

Starting a Business (or buying a business) - I personally do not have experience starting a business, because I purchased one that was already started. However, I know all too well the risks and the fear of failure associated with owning a business! “What if I lose all of the money I invested in the business?” “What if the business doesn’t last?” The list could go on. BUT, if you don’t get over the fear you will never know what could have been. Trust me when I say, I had ALL of the fears and negative thoughts going through my head prior to purchasing Fitness Fusion. Did I really want to go into more debt even will there being a chance it wouldn’t work out in the long run? I know absolutely zero about business, what if I am a terrible businessman? I am glad I got over my fear of failure, because I never would have known what an amazing ride it and amazing Fitness Family it turned out to be!

There are many many more examples that could be listed, but I think you guys get the idea. You just need to get over that initial fear of failure… then you can get started and see where it takes you! I have found that the fear of failure is usually the first thing that comes to mind when presenting with a difficult decision, so it is not surprising why so many people never pursue the things in life they really want to! Imagine if the fear of failure set in AFTER the initial steps… well you’d already be underway so there would be no choice but to put your head down and charge forward and MAKE it work for you!

I’ll leave you with one last thought, a challenge really. The next time you are presenting with a challenging or difficult decision that you think could potentially benefit you and your life... SKIP the fear of failure and go right onto making the first actionable steps. You hate your job? SKIP the worry about not landing a new and better one and just start sending out resumes to the jobs you think you’d LOVE! You want a better health and fitness routine? SKIP the worry about not achieving your goals and just contact a few local gym’s or trainers in your area and just talk to them. You have an amazing idea that you think could benefit people's lives and turn into a business? SKIP the fear of failing and just start writing a business plan or seek a mentor already in that field!

You will be amazed what you are capable of when you have no choice but to succeed! When you are already taking actionable steps toward a goal, the fear of failure can be used to fuel the fire! But if you let that fear of failure take its grasp before you start, you have doomed your chances of success in whatever it is you truly desire.

One last note on failure - Sometimes it is through our failures/struggles/weaknesses that we find our true strength. Everyone fails multiple times throughout their lives, EVERYONE. If you use that as a learning experience you can actually consider it a win. Life’s trials and tribulations will all cause you to grow as a person and come out better because of it. You might have made a certain mistake once, but you’ve since learned from that mistake and you will make sure it will not happen again! Just one more reason to get over the fear of failure! Get out there and try, see what happens, and you just might surprise yourself!

Thanks for reading, now go pursue whatever it is you want in life!

Brian Lepine

Fitness Fusion