Many people may think that exercises in the gym or at home are hard, time-consuming and sometimes just down right impossible to get done. In today's busy world, it is really difficult to be active daily and continue to work hard on a consistent basis.  Here are some quick workout training tips to get you motivated and get you through those dreaded exercises.  Once you see results and start to feel good, you will wonder why you hadn't done it sooner. 1.  Figure out when the best time for you to workout is and when you respond best to your exercises.  If you are not a morning person and hate to wake up, don't try to.  If you like to take your time eating breakfast or wake up with a stiff body, maybe a different time may be better and more realistic.  Try different times of the day based on your schedule and what realistically works for you.  If you are always rushing your workout trying to fit it in or are just plain uncomfortable for any reason, you are not going to last for the long run.

2.  Eat something to fuel your body before your workout, preferably carbs.  It doesn't have to be a huge meal, in fact it should be light.  Maybe a whole wheat english muffin and a small glass of juice 15-20 minutes before the workout. Your body needs fuel to get you through that workout and if you run out of energy, your workout will be that much harder.  To maintain a healthy lifestyle your body needs the proper nutrients, period.  Furthermore, those carbs or food you ate will not only give you added energy for a positive mind but increase your performance and bring you back for more reps.  More reps =more lean muscle= more burned calories each day so don't necessarily think of carbs as a bad thing or something that is not going to help you lose weight.  Eating carbohydrates properly is the key to losing weight, adding lean muscle and feeling good. 

3.  Find a partner or accountability coach.  Sometimes the hardest part is getting motivated and if you have someone to keep you accountable then you will be more apt to keep working out.  A lot of times you may let down yourself but won't want to let down your friend or partner.

4.  Show up every morning and do the best you can.  JUST SHOW UP WITH NO EXPECTATIONS OTHER THAN TO TRY.  There are many days that your performance may not be where you expect it to or not as good as the week before.  This is okay. Try your best and push yourself but no your body and limits.  I promise you, if you show up everyday, you will feel and look better.

5.  During your workout, don't think about what is next or how long remains on your workout.  Have a clear mind and keep going, all positive thoughts.  Also, when your muscles are approaching fatigue and you can't get up your last rep, take a break.....BUT.....make sure to pick that weight back up and finish the amount of reps you are capable of. The more and longer you think about the amount of energy you are about to use to finish, the more you will psych yourself out.  IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

6.  If you are doing really well working out and holding yourself accountable, don't be afraid to take a day off if your body is tired.  Listen to your body, it is telling you something for a reason.  Take a day off to recover but make sure you are right back on track where you left off the following day.

Working out will not only make you feel and look great, it gives you a clearer mind for good times in life and your career.

Go Enjoy Life, I Am Here For Support, Questions, or Anything You May Need