My clients have been asking for tips of how to get through a holiday without blowing all the hard work that they do both in and out of the gym. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and a major eating holiday. How do I get through it without gaining weight but still enjoy all the yummy food?  Well, here are some good tips...


Tip 1:  The week of Thanksgiving I work out everyday and I stay on track with my healthy eating. If I can’t get to the gym, I go for a run or a long power walk with my dog everyday. In terms of healthy eating I use to figure out my calorie range that I need to stick to and I shoot for 3 lean proteins, 4 veggies, 2 fruits, 3 healthy fats, and 8 glasses of water a day. I then track my food each day to make sure I am staying on track. 


Tip 2:  The day of Thanksgiving I get in an early workout either by going for a run or doing a 10x10. A 10x10 can be done anywhere with no equipment. Choose ten bodyweight exercises… like… squats, lunges, sprints, push ups, tricep dips, sit ups or crunches, planks, burpees, squat jumps, side planks, mason twists, bridges, mountain climbers, etc…).  The first round do one of everything except exercises that require time, like planks and start at 10 sec and increase by 10 seconds each round. The second round do 2 of everything except timed exercises where you go up by 10 seconds. If I throw in mountain climbers I start round 1 with 10 reps and increase by 10 each time as well. After each round take a 10 sec rest, then 20 sec, then 30 sec, and so on adding 10 sec of rest each time. You will feel so amazing after completing your 10 x 10 and ready to take on a day of temptations! If you are new to this type of exercise, start with a 5x5 and work your way up to a 10x10.


Tip 3:  Another strategy I have used on Thanksgiving is to write down everything I am going to eat at my big meal in MyFitnessPal, including that slice of apple pie and mashed potatoes, which are things that I rarely eat otherwise! If I know how many calories I plan on using during the big meal, then I can plan healthier options the rest of the day and be in control of my calories for the rest of the day. Also if I eat healthier options earlier in the day, I won’t come to the table famished and feel like I need to eat everything in sight!


Tip 4:  Have plenty of greens on the table! My husband is very talented at making green beans and brussel sprouts taste great, so we always have plenty of greens on the table for the big meal! He usually does something unusual to spruce them up like green beans with hazlenuts.  Delicious!!!  A big amazing salad is also a must on the table!


Tip 5: Avoid flavored drinks with sugar! There are so many other better things to enjoy and get calories from. Who needs the soda!


Tip 6:  Balance your plate by not piling on a ton of carbs. Am I still going to eat mashed potatoes and gravy…hell yes! But I am going to have a smaller portion of them and load my plate up with greens as well. And remember, those greens are going to be special and different than what I eat on a daily basis, so I am going to be psyched for them!


Tip 7: Bring some healthy desserts to the table made with non-refined sugar and almond flour. Check out and I absolutely love the Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Almond Joy Bars. They are loaded with protein and low in carbs. These cookies may be my favorite cookies I have eaten in my life!


Tip 8: No matter what you end up eating on Thanksgiving, get right back on track the next day with healthy eating and exercise. All is not lost if you go overboard on one day, especially if you follow the other tips I have shared!