Special Thanks To Fitness Fusion Members For A Fabulous 2014! 

Back from our opening in April of 2012 we sure have come a long way and for that we are extremely grateful.  Whether you have been a member for 3 months, 6 months, or 2+ years, every one of you has had a positive impact on our great community.  We want to thank you all for being a part of Fitness Fusion and look forward to a very rewarding 2015.  So many members support not only Fitness Fusion and what we stand for but also support other members in the gym which brings fitness and reaching goals to a whole new level.  When you make exercise fun, see the benefits and add relationships and friends into the equation, you have a winning formula.  You combine that with the expertise and passion from our staff and you got one great community.  Our group training membership base has grown from 0 - 100+ and now are working toward the 150 mark.  Remember doing bootcamps back in 2012 with just 1 trainer and 1 client?  How about TRX class with 1 person?  That is where we started and we built it from there with solid training and members that were loyal and stayed with us.  One of the favorite quotes from one of our members recently to sum this up was... "The difference about this gym is that it makes me want to keep coming back. I feel so supported here!" Another quotes I really enjoyed was from a member that had left our gym and decided to come back.  They said..." I decided to rejoin your gym because it is awesome. I joined _____ gym in _______, Ma but I couldn't get into working out. "  These quotes resinate in many ways and really makes us as a staff very proud and motivates us to keep wanting to work harder for you.  I mean, who doesn't want to hear someone say that your gym is awesome, right?  It is the little things and kind words that you remember most.  Again, thank you for being a part of the gym.  Let's take a look back at 2014 and also touch on what 2015 will be bringing us! 

Let's start with the gym expansion of 2014.  This was a really exciting and crucial piece to our gym to be able to not only cater to different fitness levels to allow us to get results for our members in a safe and effective way but also to provide more flexibility in the schedule and to be able to offer multiple classes at the same time.  We added about 1,000 square feet, bought new equipment for both group training and to cater to 1-1 clients, and also provided a new entrance to keep DIRT FROM COMING INTO OUR GYM!!! Well, kinda but we are still working on this...lol.  Besides the gym expansion there have been members that have had new additions to their families and other members who will be having babies real soon.  Some members have got married and there are a few more to come as well.  There have been job promotions, members who moved addresses, many 5K races members have attended such as the Hot Chocolate Run, Rugged Maniac, and Mass Mayhem.  We had our first nutrition challenge with a party afterward at John's house where we all cooked together and hung out getting to know one another better.  We even held a plank challenge in the gym with incredible plank times of up to 17 minutes with several members over 10 minutes holding a plank.  There have been so many obstacles of members and 1-1 clients to overcome.  Some that were easy and some hard but most of the time we stepped up as a team and did it!  We have seen members who had trouble walking up stairs now be able to do it easily and without pain.  We have had several members lose 20+ lbs. and even a few lose 60+lbs.  Some of us even stepped up and defeated hospital hill in Northampton!!! 

Going forward we want you to set expectations and goals for yourselves.  These goals don't need to be how many chin-ups you can do or pushups you can accomplish.  Yes, if those are your goals then great but we are not just talking about what we do in the gym.  We  are looking to have a happy and healthy life.  This includes being a good person, helping family and friends, telling your loved-one that you love them, hugging and spending time with your kids after a long work day, spending time on yourself, taking vacations, doing well at your job and even more enjoying it.  This means living LIFE!  In 2015, let's make the changes we need to in order to be satisfied and happy in life, to have meaning.  Life is meant to be fun and rewarding.  Yes, there are many bad things that happen in life but you need them to enjoy and appreciate the good.  Let's set some goals in 2015, write them down, set time-frames, and stick to them.  Maybe it is 1 small goal or 5 big goals but let's take what is ours this year and starting working toward it.  If you are not satisfied with something, let's change it.  It may take time, it may take hard work and dedication but it will be worth it.  Lean on the people who can help the most and stay away from those who don't.  Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and you will be successful.  Great news too... we will be having a GOALS board in the gym for you all to write down on so start thinking about what they are.  Goals can be about fitness, nutrition, health, fun, personal, career, or any crazy thing you want to achieve. 2015 is the year of not settling, it is the year to get what you want and only you can make that happen!  

 From great accomplishments with our clients we will talk about the staff behind them, always supporting and motivating them to do better.  We added 2 new staff members in 2014 that we could not be happier with and see such great things in the future for.  Marlene Rye and Brian Lepine are both trainers who when we spoke with initially, knew they were the right people to join our team and culture at Fitness Fusion.  From the beginning, we have always been focused on adding the right team members and we feel as though both Marlene and Brian were the right choices.  Both have great knowledge and expertise in several areas of personal training but the one characteristic that goes way beyond the rest is passion and the willingness to help people achieve their goals.   Marlene and Brian do so much behind the scenes in order to bring fun to our trainings as well as achieve results for our members.  They design trainings, research topics, program for 1-1 clients, attend meetings, continue educating themselves through certifications, and even mop the floors without being asked.  The simple things is what makes a team successful and that is what we see at Fitness Fusion.  Another important role Brian and Marlene have taken on indirectly is the ability for John to be able to cater more to the business side of Fitness Fusion.  As we continue to grow, there is more administrative, marketing, budgeting, planning, and so many tasks to keep the gym operating and growing that it is essential for other trainers to step up and run the gym.  Marlene and Brian have enabled this to happen and are now what we call the  the BIG FUSES in the gym.  On a weekly basis, the staff together discusses group trainings, talks about members of the gym and how to improve and help them, and assesses what is going on in the gym.  Communication between staff and our members is a crucial task that can't be overlooked and needs to continue to be a high priority going forward.  

Another staff member of ours that does not get much recognition because of what she does behind the scenes is our physical therapist, Kelly Cahill.  For those of you who do not know Kelly, she is a physical therapist who works at Holyoke Hospital but also assesses clients at Fitness Fusion as well for an added value to our members.  Kelly is extremely talented at what she does with 20+ years experience under her belt.  She has a willingness and kindness to help people that is truly special.  You may see Kelly helping members stretch or checking them out after a workout.  Now, keep in mind, Kelly is a member of the gym and this is her OWN time to workout, relax, and unwind from the day.  Yet, she still chooses to help others while at the gym on her time.  I guess when you are that passionate, you just have a hard time not doing it.  Aside from seeing clients, Kelly is a sounding board for the trainers at the gym and has taught us so much.  If you have not had the chance to reach out to Kelly to just say hello and introduce yourself, please do.  Now on to 2015...

In 2015 we have much to look forward to at the gym.  Fitness Fusion and our staff is dedicated to continue to bring you the best possible service and workouts but we need your help.  First off, we are asking that you utilize the resources at the gym.  Ask our trainers for help if you feel you have hit a plateau, utilize our FUSE power sessions to sit down with a trainer and chat about whatever it may be you need help with.  Again, it is not just about fitness here but could be personal as well.  Nutrition is a key component to success and positive changes in your body so don't assume you are eating the right things.  Even if your intentions are good, sometimes what and when you are eating is not.  So, don't assume.  Ask.  I can tell you from experience that if you are not shopping and preparing food and eating 4-6X per day then you probably need to speak with us.  We have created a new Nutrition workbook for clients who are dedicated to changing so please reach out to us.  Another thing we ask you do is tell family and friends about the gym.  This has always been the best way to build a fun, friendly and results based community.  Referrals are the most important part of our business to keep growing and the best type of new member b/c they came from you!  Below is things that are coming soon in 2015 to look forward to and we thank you for being a part of Fitness Fusion and wish you the very best in 2015! 


  • New Classes

    • Core Class ( starts 1/17/15 )- 2X per week

    • Strength & Mobility Class Is Back! ( starts 1/18/15 ) - 1X per week

    • Added Large & Small Group ( as needed ) 

  • Nutrition Challenge In March

    • Followed by a party at John's

  • New Equipment Coming Soon

    • New equipment to add to the facility to keep it fresh and have more options in group class

    • Sandbells, med balls, ropes, stability balls, bosu's, trx, resistance bands and a few more things...

  • Roots FUSE Training 

    • Flexible FUSE trainings at multiple facilities.

    • We have worked out a partnership at Roots in which current members at Fitness Fusion can get FREE FUSE trainings at Roots in Westfield if they have a basic membership to their facility.  The membership at Roots includes access to the facility( strength and cardio equipment), locker rooms, large group training, lap pool and open swim.  The membership is $42 per month and you can add a 2nd family member for $29.99

  • Goals Board @ Fitness Fusion

  • Referral Points System Board

    • Earn points for prizes such as... clothing, gift certificates, 1-1 sessions and free month memberships

    • Earn points for... attendance, referrals, points given by trainers to you, and more.