Seems like the first thing that is skipped in an exercise routine is the almighty legs.  I do understand, the legs are not as fun to workout and certainly not one of your most glamorous muscles.  When is the last time you saw a dude flexing his thighs walking by a mirror or trying to impress some women or his friends? Here are a few good reasons why a leg workout is an absolute essential part of your routine.  First off, do you every see college athletes ignore a leg routine?  Never....legs make you stronger, quicker, make you jump faster and overall make you a phenomenal athlete.  Secondly, do you really want to be that muscular person walking down the beach with the ever so famous "chicken" legs.  Well, maybe you do but I certainly don't.  More importantly, people who don't train their legs greatly reduce their bodies potential to grow.  By working out your legs you can release more growth hormone.  Your legs consist of some of the biggest muscles in your body which makes your body excrete more hormone in order to recover.  This, in turn, helps other parts of the body grow as those SWEET BICEPS everyone wants.  Working your legs also will help to burn more calories b/c your metabolism will be raised for a longer period of time while you are recovering.  Finally, your body is extremely smart and can see when muscle imbalances start to happen. As a result, it will decrease the building of lean muscle mass in order to prevent these muscle imbalances from occurring.  This will result in you not getting as big of biceps as you planned and been working so hard on.  So.... include your leg workout in your routine and see significantly better gains and results with your body as a whole.  If you need any recommendations on a great leg routine, please don't hesitate to contact me.