How long have you been going to the same health club doing the same fitness training?  Is it because of the lack of creativity you may have for workouts on the exercise equipment or just lack of knowledge?  Have you tried a personal fitness trainer and they put you on the same machine you used on your own and just pointed out a few things for you.  These days, you need to get creative in the gym.  This means taking a break from exercise equipment and the repetitive exercises you do on an everyday basis.  Not only do your muscles remember these exercises and you can hit a plateau b/c of it but you will also get bored, fizzle out and stop going to the gym all together.  Try mixing it up a bit.  Use high intensity cardio like plyometrics for a day of legs or find someone at the gym that you always see doing some routines that you have never seen.  If your gym has some nice toys like balance boards, balls, trx, ropes, tires, steps, sliders, kettleballs, medicine balls, and the every so popular dumbbells.....try asking a trainer what you can do for different exercises to get a nice functional workout that calls for multiple muscle groups to be used at the same time.  There are so many exercises you can do using dumbbells to challenge your fitness training and keep you engaged in your workout routine. Go back old school and go military for a while with some down and dirty push ups and pull ups, they are great for you and have so many different variations that target different muscles.  Focus on your core exercises and switch them up.  There are hundreds of core exercises and core is something you should be doing 3 times or more per week to see good results.  Get creative in the gym and make it fun else you will find yourself like many others....bored, lazy and back on the couch. You don't want that now, do you?Feel free to get a hold of me with any questions or to spice up your routines.  Cheers To Your Health!