Take a minute and think about anything that usually has a straight answer.  The first thing that comes to my mind is tests in high school.  Why does high school tests come to me?  In my opinion, high school was easy.  The answer was usually in front of you.  Whether it is a math problem or a history question, you usually had the answer, the only answer.  It was either right or wrong, period. 

In health, fitness and nutrition, it is the complete opposite.  There is so much information out there how do you find the right answer.  Well, the answer is that IT DEPENDS.  I know people want those quick answers, the quick fix.  Please just tell me what to do, give me the steps and the tools to do it and let's get this show on the road.  Right?  

I want to get ripped and toned up fast....how do I do it?  Well, IT DEPENDS.  

I want to lose weight and feel great.  Should I do the Paleo diet, South Beach diet?  Well, IT DEPENDS.  

All people are different, bodies are different, schedules are different, minds are different, goals are different, and interpretations are different.  Above all, there is no quick fix and not one CORRECT WAY to do things.  IT JUST ALL DEPENDS.