The first things people should know about exercising is that if you don't eat right then you are really going to have a hard time reaching your fitness plan goals. Seems simple but why do so many people struggle with this?  Whether people are looking to lose pounds or put on some weight and bulk up, you need to eat the right kind and quantity of food.  Many people leading an active lifestyle think that the less they eat, they more pounds they lose, which in theory is correct.  However, to keep your body healthy and sustain your fitness goals, you need to eat properly in order to fuel you body through your workouts and everyday life.  To not get too technical, here are the main things you should focus on.  Eating proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.  There are others but I want to keep this simple.  You can do this by eating healthy foods.....lean meats, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nothing processed is a good start.  Now when I say eat protein, carbs and fats I mean the healthy ones, NO saturated and trans fatty acids.  Also stay away from high amounts of sugar, cholesterol, and sodium.  You need to give your body time to adjust so don't expect miracles.  Furthermore, you may need to adjust things based on your body. Getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle if you want to sustain it but I guarantee if you workout regularly and eat right not only will your body feel good, your mind and personal life will as well.  Stay away from diets, they don't work and they are not sustainable.  Why?  you are depriving your body of what it needs and furthermore, not giving yourself some satisfaction of things you want and should be eating.  If you are an athlete, heavier on the carbs.  If you are losing weight, lighter on the carbs.  Once you do get down to your desired weight you will want increase your carbs to fuel your body during your workout training. Hope this helps and please contact me with any questions or to get a fitness plan that works for you!

If your in Western Ma, I have a studio in Easthamtpon.  If you are not, my in-home program is the best and I will be your coach & support.

Thanks for reading!!

John Glynn

personal trainer & beachbody coach