For this week's article I received a request to write about the many benefits of group exercise classes. And since Fitness Fusion is based around our “FUSE Group Training” classes, and they’re awesome, I figured why not? (Not trying to toot my own horn, but toot toot!)


There are countless benefits of working out with others in a group setting which are definitely not limited to…


  • Motivation

    Whether it's the trainer pushing you to keep going, the beat of the music keeping everyone in unison, or the person working out next to you reminding you that “you got this,” there is no shortage of motivation in group exercise classes! Have you ever talked yourself out of an extra set, extra exercise, some cardio at the end, going an extra day that week while working out alone because you weren’t motivated enough to do it? Yea me too, but that’s not the case with groups!


  • Make New Friends

    It's inevitable, you WILL become close with those working out around you during the classes! Everyone is in it together, and you’re already a group of like-minded individuals looking to get healthy and improve your fitness. Your goals are the same, and you’ll end up cheering each other along through workouts and challenges daily!


  • Accountability

    This one goes hand in hand with making new friends. It's like having 10 gym partners each time you go to the gym. The people you workout with get used to having you there, and you them. You may make plans with someone who was a total stranger to do the class together again in 2 days. When you have plans to workout you are MUCH less likely to want to skip. At times you may not feel like working out, but once you get there and you’re working hard with everyone else it's all worth it. At the end you will always feel that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, this is the feeling I tell members to remember the next time they don’t want to workout!!


  • Competition/Challenge

    Some people join group classes because it's a challenge, and that's what they need to push themselves hard day in and day out. You might be the kind of person who just won’t drop that plank before the person next to you, no matter what! The classes in of themselves can also be challenging for even the most athletic individuals (but don’t HAVE to be, you can always modify the workout to your current fitness levels). There are also often challenges from time to time, and many people thrive off of the competition.


  • Structured activity (no thinking, just go)

    Not many people really know how to devise a safe and effective workout, which is another reason why group classes are so great. Leave it up to the certified personal trainers to come up with the workouts, and all you need to do is show up and put in hard work! No more guessing which machine you should do next in the gym, or how many sets and reps of a certain exercise is best. Even if brand new to exercise the workouts are designed in a way that members can learn easily, of course under the watchful eye of the trainer. We take care of the design and only expect that members put in 100% each and every workout!


  • Have fun, feel young, enjoy time spent with others

    Long gone are the days of Phys Ed in school yards. Can you remember your last group physical activity? Classes can help you feel young while having fun and getting healthier all at the same time. Classes are best when you have friends and family get in on the action. In a time and age when it's nearly impossible to get together for a family dinner, group classes can be a great bonding experience! There is nothing better than laughter to make the physical aspect of the workout seem easier.


  • Social/fun environment

    You’ll be chatting away with new friends before, during, and after classes before you know it! Even if you’re shy, something about sweating inches from another person really breaks the ice :) Members and staff often becomes close and do activities outside of the gym such as races, picnics/bbq’s, and trips!


  • Safe and Effective Workout Design

    This one goes back to you not knowing exactly what a safe and effective workout should include. Trainers come up with the workouts and they are switched up every so often (once a month in our facility) to avoid boredom and complacency. The workouts are always different, but all are effective in the sense that they are usually total body workouts where you’ll burn anywhere from 400-600 calories in the hour if you’re working hard enough! Not only will you burn calories, but you’ll gain muscle for the toned look everyone strives for.


  • Certified Personal Trainer-led Classes

    It's important that whoever leads the classes knows their stuff! It is essential that good form is used on all lifts, no matter the speed you are performing them. If your trainer isn’t correcting bad form throughout the class, it's a sure sign you’ve got yourself a bad trainer!


  • Consistent Exercise Schedule

    No more asking yourself, “hmmmm when should I exercise today?” Instead, you can rely on a consistent schedule of classes week to week. Find out which ones work for you and do your best to make at least 3 classes per week!


  • Easy for Beginners

    Even if you’re a beginner you shouldn’t be afraid of trying group classes. The workouts are designed in such a way that you’ll only have to grasp a couple exercises at a time, and the trainer will pay extra attention to you to make sure you’re performing them properly.


  • Modifications/regressions Available for any Exercises you can not Perform

    Many members of group classes have joint issues, mobility limitations, injuries, etc which limits the exercises they can and can’t do. A good trainer will have a list of modifications and regressions in mind for these people. So even if you can’t squat, you can still get a great leg workout. If you can’t perform a pushup you can still get a great chest and arm workout. And if you can’t perform a plank you can still get a great ab workout!


  • Most Importantly - GET FIT, LEARN, AND HAVE FUN

    This is the most important and best part of group classes. You achieve better health and wellness, learn how to properly exercise and perform said exercises, all while having FUN! If your exercise routine is not fun for you, there's a good chance you will not stick with it. As a trainer, if I can make you sweat, teach you something new, and make you smile once per class, that's a success in my book.


Thanks for reading guys. And if you’re interested in checking out FUSE Group Training at Fitness Fusion Easthampton contact me! As always, we offer a FREE week trial to new members to see if it's for you!


Until next time, keep it healthy!


Brian Lepine

Fitness Fusion Easthampton