Signs Of Being a Workout Bouncer In The Gym...  

Being a workout bouncer means literally "bouncing" and being INCONSISTENT with things, like your nutrition or your workout program, for instance.  Too many people who workout around Northampton, Ma that I speak with bounce from program to program always thinking that the results are coming when in reality the just aren't.  Here are 5 things you should do instead and the reasons why...  

5 Keys to Your Workout Success In the Gym...

1.  Program Design

  • This could be from a personal trainer of even a DVD program.  The point is just be consistent and follow it every day until the program is finished.  Don't be a bouncer.

2.  Proper Nutrition 

  • Shop, prep and eat healthy.  The are numerous ways to do this but if you are not prepared and eating healthy you will not be successful.  Think you eat healthy?  I would bet that you don't and that does not mean you don't have all the right intentions or are not trying.  Ask someone to guide you along in the beginning.  Trust me on this one.

3.  Proper Mobility & Stretching

  • As some point in your progress if you are not working on proper stretching and mobility for areas that are needed, you will run into a problem in your body.  If something is not feeling right, get it checked out.  Ultimately, it will set you back in the long run. 

4.  Proper Sleep

  • You must sleep well.  This means 6-8 hours of solid sleep where your body can recover and repair.  '

5.  Veggies & Protein!!!

  • Eat Veggies and then eat more.  4 servings or more a day.  This means physically eating a big handful of veggies AT LEAST 4 times a day.  Think about that and if you do it?  If you are trying to build muscle and get cut, the portions should be 2 handfuls each serving.  Lean protein must also dominate your meals much like veggies.  A good nutritious protein shake w/ veggies and fruit pre or post workout can help you accomplish your daily intake along with lean protein at every meal. 

So, have you been acting like a  bouncer?  No worries if you have.  Like anything else in life, exercise and fitness takes time, dedication and will not be accomplished tomorrow.  It is a lifestyle, not a 12 week eating or exercise plan.  Let's focus, get a plan together and start heading in the right direction with small changes that lead to bigger things.  

Alright, let's BOUNCE.  Ya get out of here and workout.