When people ask me how many times a week I workout my answer is well technically I am working out and training "personally" about an hour each day.  However, I really am thinking to myself... if these people only new what I do as a trainer, personally and for my business. 

 My wife always tells me, and this is annoying by the way......"Well it's easy for you to workout, you own a gym." Oh, ok dear and do you think that my gym picks up weights and does burpees for me too!  Believe me, if it were that easy.  I am busy just like you are busy and believe me it is still hard to get up from my desk and get my workout routine done.  I have 24 hours in a day for my workout routine just like anyone else. The biggest pet peeve of mine...EXCUSES, don't even bring it there.  Everyone is different and has there own set of challenges and problems.  Your no worse off than anyone else so suck it up and get back in the game.  No really....... come on....now....let's go.....ya, get up.....yes, you....no, the other you......seriously.

Technically though, I do think about fitness 24 hours each day.  It starts by getting up and stretching.  I then go downstairs and eat a healthy quick breakfast.  Yes, breakfast is part of your workout routine.  Off to work I go for about 5:30-5:45am for my 6am fitness workout.  After my classes or sessions it is reading or researching a fitness or workout topic then off to a second stretch or foam roll.  

Along with researching and reading I sometimes design my personal workout routine for the day around a topic that I lack in knowledge or want to learn more about.  Maybe it is a type of training that I can use touching up on.  This is a great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  After my workout, yup.....stretch.

I then fit some time in to design or follow up on clients that are coming in for sessions.  I may need to switch up a workout training session based on soreness, a minor injury or something that may be bothering them.  Maybe I discovered a new muscle imbalance or tightness in our last session that I want to begin to focus on.  Whatever the case may be, I am always thinking about fitness and how I can be better or make my clients better.  Full time personal trainers, in my opinion, should have a 24 fitness workout mindset. 

If it is not directly related to my current clients or gym it is about expansion.  How do I get better, reach more people, grow my business....become the best?  Education, networking with trainers or other fitness professionals, small talk and everyday conversation are all daily things that I don't even think about anymore....it just comes natural.

Meal preparation on the weekends is another big focus of mine. I spend 3 hours on a Sunday preparing for the week ahead.  1 hour to shop and 2 hours preparing.  You may think this is hard but I don't look at it that way.  I put on Sunday football, grab a beer and off I go.  Yes, a beer.....because the calories I am saving myself by preparing meals far outweighs not being prepared and eating junk.  Furthermore, in all honesty, I work hard and deserve a couple beers on the weekend for my commitment.  Do you?  You be the judge....

The 24 fitness workout mindset comes in both your personal workout routine and your workout routine for your clients.  Either way though, fitness is a 24 hour per day job.  

Yes, being a personal trainer is AWESOME and I love it but it comes with long days of hard work to make sure you are delivering the best possible results to your clients.   

Oh ya, and when I say 24 hour fitness I mean it....SLEEP is essential to your body recovering and your mind for a productive day when you wake up.